Your control panel redefiend with RVSKIN2

A multi-lingual, multi-theme advanced skin management software for cPanel/WHM servers. This is one of the best choices to differ your hosting services and to reduce the support needed, which results in lower operating costs for your business.

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RVSkin Features

Recommended Features

  • Multi-language
  • Admin Layer in Account Layer
  • Account Feature Manager
  • Webmail Feature Manager
  • Upsale manager
  • Branding
  • Clustering System
  • Email Forwarder Protection
  • Disable Full Backup Link
RVSkin Languages


  • Default Language
  • Multi-language
  • Message Editor
RVSkin Features

Feature Manager

  • Admin and Account Layer switching
  • Package-Feature Manager
  • Account Feature Manager
  • User Feature Manager
  • Webmail Feature Manager
  • Intelligent Skin
  • Default Feature List
  • Permission Control
  • Reseller Feature Control
  • Feature Comparison
  • Feature Group Manager
RVSkin Marketing

Marketing Tools

  • Upsale Manager
  • Sub Reseller System
RVSkin Custom Links

Custom Links

  • Easy Navigation
  • Add your body link
  • Page Editor
  • Help and Tutorial Links
  • Top Links
RVSkin Branding


  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Change Theme Icon
  • DIY Theme
  • Pre-installed Theme
RVSkin News and Alerts

News and Alerts System

  • Full page news alert
  • Multi-language News
  • Full page contact alert
  • Disk Usage and Bandwidth Alert
RVSkin Integration


  • Subversion and Trac Integration
  • Fantastico Integration
  • Installatron integration
  • RVSitebuilder Integration
  • ASSSP Deluxe and ASSPX integration
  • Webmail Integration
  • 3rd Party Access Integration
  • Server-wide virus and spam protection integration
  • Control panel Plugin Integration and WHM Addon Module Integration
RVSkin Configuration Management

Update and Configuration Management

  • Maintenance Mode
  • Clustering System
  • Silence Login by Admin
  • Automatically Update System
  • Rollback
  • Debug Information
RVSkin Other Useful Features

Other Useful Features

  • Email Forwarder Protection
  • Email Account List Tweak
  • Enable MySQL access host but invisible
  • PHP Info
  • Disable main FTP access
  • Limit the number of Cron-job
  • Default e-mail quota
  • Disable Full Backup Link
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