Automated kernel security updates without the reboots.

When a vulnerability is discovered in a peice of software we normally just patch it, and if that service is running we simply restart it and the service is only down for a second. The same goes for the kernel, however restarting the kernel means restarting your server! Server reboots require quiet a bit more downtime and if the filesystem has to run through a check, well.. your going to be down even longer! KernelCare resolves this by automatically by patching your running kernel live! You no longer have to reboot which helps redunce downtime and increate server security!

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  • Increases Server Security
  • Simple Installation, No Reboot Required
  • Prompt roll out of patches
  • Support for most popular operating systems
  • No impact on performance
  • Ability to roll back changes
  • 24/7 Support

Increase Uptime

No longer will you have to schedule reboots in the middle of the night just to update your kernel. KernelCare automatically installs patches into the running kernel.

Increase Security

Never miss a critical patch due to human error! Stay up to date on all security patches and avoid that embarrassing situation of having a hacked server.

Installs in Minutes

Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once installed you can relax knowing that if a kernel vulnerability is discovered that your server will automatically be patched.

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